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Unlock your potential for passive income and join our affiliate program. We provide you with the products and marketplace to quickly monetize effectively. Take advantage of our program's outstanding features and start earning generous marketing fees today!

Unlimited Earning Potential

Earn More with Every Sale
Unlock unlimited earning potential with a competitive one-time 5% or $5 marketing fee on each product sold. The more of your referrals that purchase, the more you earn.

Effortless Tracking

Maximize Your Performance
Track your referrals and marketing fees effortlessly with our user-friendly system, while accessing real-time analytics and comprehensive reports to optimize your promotional strategies and maximize your earnings.

Referral Codes

Track Your Referrals
Seamlessly track and credit your referrals' purchases by utilizing our marketplace landing page, where referrals can easily enter your unique affiliate referral code during their product purchases.

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Marketing Fee Options

Choose the Option that Fits Your Earning Strategy

Option 1 - 5% Marketing Fee: Earn a competitive one-time 5% marketing fee on the retail price of each product purchased by your referral. This option offers unlimited earning potential, allowing you to maximize your marketing fees as the price of the product increases.

Option 2 - $5 Marketing Fee: Alternatively, you can choose our $5 one-time marketing fee option. This option offers predictable earning potential, for each product sold to your referral you get a one-time payment of $5.

You choose which option you want during registration. Either way, you earn passive income without the headaches.

How it Works

Unlock Your Affiliate Success with Our Simple and Effective Process


Register for our Affiliate Program and agree to the Affiliate Agreement. You will then receive your Referral Code.

2Send Referrals

We've created a marketplace of products where you can send your referrals to shop and learn more about our products.

3Purchase with Code

Your referrals must use your referral code when they purchase for you to qualify for a marketing fee.


Each time your marketing fees reach $500 total, you can request a payout. Easy passive income to you with almost no work.

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Products Available to Affiliates

Here is a sampling of products that are available to Affiliates in the program.