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Unlock unparalleled market management capabilities and amplify your sales potential by joining our Brokers & Agents Program. Take control of your markets and experience remarkable growth in your sales as you leverage the powerful products and resources provided by our program.

Discover the Flexibility of Our Brokers & Agents Program

Whether you need to enroll a group or need a benefits marketplace for one of your clients, we've got you covered quick and easy. Take advantage of our program's outstanding flexibility and create a solution to exceed your clients' needs in just a few minutes.


Insurance, Financial, & Benefits
Discover our range of products that not only fill in the gaps of your current product offerings but also expands your market reach.


Performance and Features
Our platform delivers simplicity and power whether you are marketing, recruiting, managing customers, enrolling a group, or forecasting sales.


Your Branding & Presentation
We empower you to create pages tailored to your or your clients' branding. Our platform offers seamless integration of logos, colors, and customizable layouts that perfectly align with your unique requirements.

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Commission Structure

Flexible Payouts Based on Your Needs

Our commission structure is designed to provide flexibility and rewards based on the sales performance of brokers and agents. We offer a percentage-based commission structure that adjusts according to the volume of sales generated. As your sales increase, so does your commission percentage, ensuring that your efforts are recognized and financially rewarded. This system allows you to grow your income in alignment with your success in promoting our products.

In addition to the dynamic percentage-based commission structure, we also offer the option of flat-rate commissions depending on the product. Some products in our portfolio have predetermined commission rates, providing you with the transparency and predictability you need for effective financial planning. You can choose the commission structure that best suits your business model and preferences. Rest assured, our commission payouts are processed on an earned basis and paid out monthly, ensuring a consistent and reliable flow of income to you as you achieve your sales goals.

How it Works

Unlock Your Success with Our Simple and Effective Process


By registering for our Brokers & Agents Program and completing your setup checklist, you'll be equipped to start selling immediately, capitalizing on the vast opportunities available to you. Don't hesitate – join now and unleash your selling potential without delay!

2Tell Your Clients

Gain a competitive edge with your very own branded landing page, customized to reflect your unique identity, while enjoying access to an ever-expanding catalog of marketing materials to enhance your promotional efforts.

3Customer Journeys

With our seamless and user-friendly platform, we have revolutionized the way your clients buy and manage their purchases, making the entire process effortless and convenient.

4Reports & Payouts

Seize the opportunity to leverage the valuable insights offered by our comprehensive monthly production and payout reports, empowering you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your performance.

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Products Available to Brokers & Agents

Discover an enticing selection of products available to Brokers & Agents in our program, with a wide range of offerings that cater to diverse client needs. Please note that certain products may require an insurance license, ensuring you can confidently provide professional expertise and assistance to clients in those specific areas.